Celltechna received support from EU Funds

Celltechna UAB and Lithuanian Business Support Agency signed a financing and administration agreement for the project “Intelligent Automation Platform for High-throughput Recombinant Protein Biosynthesis”. The project is funded under the 2014-2020. European Union Funds Investment Operational Program Priority 1 Measure 1: Promotion of Research, Development and Innovation J05-LVPA-K Intelligence. Joint Science – Business Projects ”call no. 3. The project received EUR 1,769,368,87 in support from the European Union. Project execution period 2018 – 2021.

Celltechna UAB in collaboration with Kaunas University of Technology project will create a new recombinant therapeutic proteins manufacturing process based on the second generation of intelligent automation platform for high productivity of recombinant protein biosynthesis exercise. During the project it is planned to carry out research on the protein biosynthesis process by applying various mathematical modeling and algorithmic automation methods to process control. During the course of the research, it is planned to determine such process regularities that would allow to develop process control automation solutions, which would allow to develop a second level automation system of the biosynthesis process. The innovation created would speed up recombinant protein synthesis processes 1.5 to 2.5 times, reduce material costs by 30 to 50 percent, maximize process repeatability and reliability. Such new parameters of the protein production process can influence global changes in the biopharmaceutical market, stimulate the production of new proteins and increase the production of existing proteins. Accordingly, increase the availability of biopharmaceuticals to patients and public health systems. Innovation would also bring about changes among biotech companies, by encouraging them to change their production processes through the introduction of second-generation automation platforms, and biotech manufacturers would also have to adapt to the changing situation and integrate second-tier automation solutions into their equipment. In this context, the project is expected to generate world-class innovation that will impact developments in global biotechnology and biopharmaceutical markets and related markets.

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