“Celltechna” campus

R&D and Large - scale Biopharmaceutical Production Facilities

All Celltechna facilities in 2025 will be located in Celltechna campus with 5.2ha land in Vilnius city.

  • Land No. 1 and land No. 2 will contain 3 large -scale facilities.
  • Land No. 3 will contain the R&D center.
  • Land No. 4 will contain the Gene – therapy center.


Beginning construction of the complex, which will be devoted to recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and cell therapy manufacturing.

Design – 2022
Starting constructions–2023
Certification of facilities–2024
First production batch –2025

Science and production:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Stem cell research
  • Using 3D printers to produce new organs
  • Stem cell multiplication and preparation for medical application
  • Research on other cells (T-cells) and their application to therapy
  • Development and production of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (MAB)

R&D and Production Facilities of Celltechna


Total area of the facilities–24060m²


R&D and Operation area–6230m²

Microbial Production Center –6020m²

Stem Cell Production Center –5880m²

MAB Production Center–5930m²


Future expansion area of the Complex –8306 m²

Stem Cell Production Center of Celltechna

  • 5 x 1000 l. UPS
  • 50 x Hollow Fiber Bioreactor
  • 20 x Box for 3D Bioprinting

Primary Stem Cell Isolation Services

Primary stem cell populations are isolated directly from fresh tissue without any chemical or genetic modifications, thus enabling the isolation of native cells retaining physiological properties of the target tissue and mimicking in vivo conditions closely. Stem Cell Research Centre is capable of providing MSCs obtained from different sources and tissues, including but not limited to bone marrow, umbilical cord blood and stroma, peripheral blood, follicular fluid, placenta, endometrium, testicular, adipose tissue, as well as multiple dental tissues (both decidual and permanent). In addition to traditional cell-isolation techniques (i.e. density gradient separation, enzymatic assays, tissue-explant or magnetic isolation methodologies), our company offers fully automated mesenchymal stem cell (MSCs) isolation using  Sepax® 2 cell separation system for blood samples, Celution® 800/CRS cell separation system for adipose tissue samples, obtained from liposuction procedures and bone marrow aspirate-derived MSCs separation and subsequent expansion using TERUMO BCT Quantum® Cell Expansion System. SCRC provides identification and characterization of isolated primary stem cell populations as well as subsequent expansion in fully automated bioreactor systems to meet the dose requirements for the therapeutic application of MSCs. SCRC banking facilities are certified to store the samples for up to 20 years and are accessible for any given medical emergency.

Stem Cell Expansion Services

SCRC have established optimal fully-automated c-GMP compliant expansion methods for different tissue-derived MSCs in a controlled environment as well as the best performing serum-free media formulations, feeding, media perfusion and controlled-freezing regimes to provide our clients with high-quality MSCs, ideally suited for different cellular and therapeutic applications. Our company offers customer-centric perspective of flexibility, providing several automated systems for MSC expansion, i.e. hollow-fiber Quantum® cell expansion system or scalable microcarrier-based Applikon® stirred tank bioreactor and wave type AppliFlex® RB bioreactor systems together with traditional non-automated expansion systems like CellSTACK® culture chambers or spinner flasks. To suit cell viability and the highest quality of isolated and expanded MSCs requirements, we provide a programmable and traceable cell freezing procedure using the Kryo 560-16 controlled-rate, cell-freezing system, ideal for demanding protocols associated with advanced cryo-preservation techniques.

Stem Cell Identification & Characterization Services

MSC identification is made by phenotypic assays—which assess marker expression and functional assays—which assess the differentiation potential of the cell population. SCRC offers MSC differentiation potential evaluation and phenotypical analysis of specific surface-antigen expression in primary isolated or expanded MSC cultures based on minimal criteria of multipotency proposed by the International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) or advanced selected phenotypical and functional criteria, if requested, with the ability to separate the population of interest using The BD FACSAria™ III cell sorter. Other cell-culture analysis e.g. immunocytochemistry, sterility and mycoplasma testing, etc. are available upon request.

Isolation and characterization of MSC-derived Extracellular vesicles (EVs)

Extracellular vesicles are subcellular entities released by MSCs and are represented as a therapeutically active tool for tissue-damage repair.  Technology of chromatography-based scalable purification of extracellular vesicles from MSCs conditioned media as well as proteomic analysis of purified EVs are under development and available upon request.

Microbial Protein Production Center of Celltechna


  • 2×50 →500→5000 l. Stainless Steel Bioreactor
  • 2x Industrial Chromatographic Equipment
  • 1×50→500→1500 →15000 l.

Stainless Steel Bioreactor Industrial Chromatographic Equipment for Purification Proteins from up to 15000 l. of UPS

MAB Production Center of Celltechna


  • 1×15000 l. UPS Stainless steel
  • 1x Industrial Chromatographic system for Purification of Proteins Up to 60 kg/Batch
  • 8×2000 l. UPS Separate units
  • 8x Industrial Chromatographic systems for MAB Purification each of two 8 kg. Protein/Batch

Expansion opportunities 2026-2030


Celltechna has two directions:

  • Large scale biopharmaceutical products and technology development and production on demand
  • Fully integrated biopharmaceutical service center:

Scientific researches:

  • Manufacture of microbial biopharmaceuticals
  • Production of biopharmaceuticals of mammalian origin
  • Stem cell production and 3D-printing

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