About Celltechna

We are a biopharmaceutical holding company developing innovative and biosimilar – biologic medical product – technologies for clinical development and large-scale production.

Our target is to bring our product pipeline to the pharmaceutical market. We are looking for cooperation with large and mid-size pharma companies with a strong global marketing presence, who do not have the internal capability or capacity to develop and (or) produce the material for clinical development or commercial supply of the registered drug substance.

As we are a CDMO, we support the global pharmaceuticals market with the capability to develop biopharmaceuticals from the gene to the manufacturing of the final drug product form.

The company was established in 2003. It became a member of Northway group in 2006.

We are looking for investors to join us in implementing our infrastructure projects and in developing our own pipeline projects, with the execution of industrial-scale CDMO.

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